The Crone, the Mother, the Daughter, and the non-binary Witch.

The Crone, the Mother, the Daughter, and the non-binary Witch.


Mother God Prayers

Since the election in 2016, I’ve felt a fear in my belly unlike any other I’ve known. Bigger than being molested as a child. Bigger than losing my father and fearing the death of my mother. Bigger than dating random weirdos. Just big and pervasive and under the surface at all times. I remained curious about what to do with that terror. What I know is that I’m not someone who wants to add fuel to the fire. I don’t want to get caught in the vitriol and fear in such a way that it grows inside of me. It’s one thing to be scared—for myself, for my human siblings, and for my daughter—it’s quite another to take that fear and stoke it until it consumes me and those I cherish.

What could I offer that would be meaningful and have integrity for me?

Prayer has always been my gift. I’ve prayed, and prayed hard, since I was a three year-old waking my parents up to get down on their knees and pray with me so Jesus would know that I loved him. My prayers may be quite different now—including a lot more cussing because I talk to Mother God like she’s my best friend is there for me in a time of trouble—but I still pray without ceasing. I pray for different things too. I don’t pray to win the lottery, as much as I pray to be wise with money. I don’t pray for the perfect partner, but I do pray that I show up with love and compassion for the one I’m married to. I don’t pray that everything works out perfectly, but I do pray that whatever lessons I or the world need to learn will be learned with the least amount of harm.

Mother God Prayers are my prayers for myself, for you, and for all of us on this planet together. They are even for those who use hate over love, dogma over compassion, guns over compromise. Why? Because I still believe in a God who calls the oppressor into accountability, to generally quote the late wise theologian, Rev. Dr. James H. Cone.

You can find them on my Instagram Stories and on YouTube, and of course, right here too.

Two of the places you can read my work.

Two of the places you can read my work.

Non-Fiction Writing

I’m currently pursuing my MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in poetry. I came to poetry to improve and expand my creative nonfiction writing, which is where my deepest heart lies. Here you will find a mixture of both, plus my more formal writing about spiritual topics related to loss, grief, infertility, healthcare, and life. Mostly, you will find me writing about healing because I believe healing and hope are the most important by-products of the creative life.

Three angels from my Sunday School/Children’s Worship curriculum: The Big God Story of Love, Light, & Action.

Three angels from my Sunday School/Children’s Worship curriculum: The Big God Story of Love, Light, & Action.

Spiritual Kids

In 2016, I had the honor of becoming the Minister for Children and Families at a local Episcopal church. The church, like many urban congregations, did not have a lot of resources. We had big dreams, but not enough money to make them happen in an ideal way.

I love that position because it makes me get super creative!

I decided that I could use my time to write lessons that were practical, Biblical, and also informed by a desire to help our kiddos develop spiritual and emotional muscles.

What I’ve noticed in those who were 18 or younger—but old enough to know what was happening—on 9/11 is that they suffer from terrible anxiety. How could they not? We’ve not done any of the difficult and morally imperative things to heal our world from the sins of war, terrorism (especially white nationalist terrorists), the proliferation of guns, genocide, xenophobia, and environmental exploitation.

Those growing up today, including my daughter, will inherit an uncertain, and maybe dying, world. How can we help them today with the stories of faith told in ways that empower their spiritual—not religious—understandings and grow their empathy toward self and others?

This section includes both lesson plans from The Big God Story of Love, Light, & Action and other ideas on how to create that empowerment for these kiddos we love and want to raise in ways that are hopeful and life-giving.

Random Delights is where you will find all the other human things I write about—from skincare to gluten free eating to pontificating on the best Golden Girl (Blanche, always Blanche.)