I’m Jacqueline, and I’m so glad you stopped by my website. I was a longtime healthcare chaplain, but these days I’m focused on my writing—especially the Mother God Prayers—and raising my young daughter with the help of my husband, mother, and our official “Puppervisor” Molly.

I graduated from Duke Divinity School with my Masters of Divinity, and I’m ordained in the United Church of Christ. In 2014, and after a season of great loss, my husband and I were not sure we fit with formal religion any longer. We stumbled into an Episcopal church, and something happened to us—we found Christianity in a new way. I’ve also deepened my spirituality through the study of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Bahà’í, among others. I’m profoundly committed to ministering to people regardless of their spiritual belief or religious affiliation. We are all God’s, and God is all ours.

My main areas of interest are: the intersection of meaning-making and trauma, feminine spirituality, the grief spiral, infertility and adoption, healing and spiritual practices for healing, the full embrace of our LGBTQ siblings, medical ethics, and ways to teach kids about God in a way that helps them grow spiritual and emotional muscles but is not dogmatic.

Sending you the deepest prayers for peace and love on your journey.




What describes Me:

creative | hopeful | fun | thinking | compassionate | understanding | intersectional | liberation theologian | queer | faithful to love | loyal | competitive, especially when it comes to Boggle & RummiQ | passionate | human | giving of grace & seeking grace | Glitter Jesus follower | weird


If you want to connect to learn more about my spiritual and grief care practice at my Louisville office, please read more about it here.